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What is the UPOS?

U-POS comes with varieties of services such as: Be a seller of e-commerce Shopping Websites, Popular Mega Brands, Flight, Bus, and Hotel Booking platforms, and 12000+ Local Stores. Also, have a partnership in our exclusive products and inter-exchange your business across the nation, be a Loan Agent too and sell many more products to earn from them.

What is the difference between Silver/Gold/Professional UPOS?

Kindly click on the link to know more details and differences between all 3 UPOS Plans.

How to book UPOS?

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click on register, register your GG user account Step 3: Go to Step 4: Click on Book Now select your desired plan, click on subscribe now and fill in the details, enter your GG registered username then click on Get OTP (OTP will be sent to your GG registered mobile number) Choose a password and the rest of the details. and click on next Step 5: Answer these questions with a yes or no, click on the yes/no button to select your answer and go to the next page Step 6: Enter the payment details, or select online to make payment of the UPOS. (Mention the correct UTR number and payment date.) Step 7: Click on I AGREE ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and click on the register Note: Make sure to enter the correct Referral ID.

What is deals of loan? How to apply for it?

You can have your own loan agency and apply for loans on behalf of your customers to earn UPOS commission. You can fill out an inquiry form from UPOS the Digital Mall>>Financial Services>> Loans>> Deals of loan, and the team will contact you for further processing. You can check mail after 24 to 48 hours for more details.

Which referral should I enter while booking the UPOS?

There are different hierarchies that can be selected while booking a UPOS. For example An ACP Partner, Advisor, LevelNext Partner, GSDC, etc. For more details click on this link:

How can I get the GST claim?

Please add your GST number while booking the UPOS to get the claim for your GST. Note: GST Has to be updated while booking the UPOS to get the claim against your UPOS amount.

What is Quick Book?

Quick book is a fast and convenient way to make payments for UPOS online using credit/debit cards/UPI or wallets. However, UPOS booking has to be made in the next stage.

How to make payment of UPOS using quick book?

1. Click on quick book 2. Fill in the details and choose the plan then click on Proceed to pay 3. Make payment using any of this payment methods available

How to Login into UPOS?

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click on Login and select UPOS - The Digital Mall or Web Dashboard, and log in with your registered username and password (Note: There are two options to log in, To make any purchase login to UPOS App. To track your transactions log in to the UPOS web dashboard)